A little debate never hurt anyone.

Opinions about the current London riots abound. In fact, debate about them is quite inescapable. I’ve encountered, and participated, in it everywhere. Twitter, Facebook, Google+… you name it, i’ve been there, debating. Arguing. Disagreeing. And even sometimes agreeing. There’s no denying, i’ve definitely used my fair share of ‘londonriots’ hashtags in these last few days. Family, friends, strangers; they all have an opinion.

Even while waitering, as I take orders and run coffees, I can’t help but overhear fervent talk of current affairs between sips of coffee.

Unfortunately, much of the excellent, intelligent debate i’ve witnessed has either been behind the closed walls of facebook or taken place in the real world which isn’t yet possible to link you to.

Instead, i’ll just capture a few of the choice posts – from both sides of the debate – that have been made on facebook (sorry about the language, this is facebook, people don’t expect to be published later 🙂


In response to this blog.


So, are they desperate?

This is what really happened… apparently.

What do you call them?

What are we really arguing?

To summarise?

 So, what’s the conclusion? It’s complicated..? Yeah, don’t really know either.


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